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Weight Loss Week #1

Week #1

Starting Weight: 292 pounds

Step Goal: 14,000/day


I’m still on a weight loss journey and I’ve toyed with the idea of writing it in a LITRPG format, a journal entry, or something else that I really can’t think of. Truth behind the problem is effort, because I don’t really know nor would I expect anyone to read it, and I’m not a big fan of wasting time and effort. I’ve always been a big guy, what I call a fat guy, but it what we are all subjected to. What I mean by that is that there are new and interesting foods, interesting sounding flavors of chips and other things, and heck, I just like to eat.


The crux of the problem is just that, I love to eat and I enjoy each step of it, except for clean up and purchasing of the items. Food is so good, yet not necessarily good for us, well me anyways. However, with the increased risk of stroke, heart troubles, and other health problems; I know it is time for a change. In fact, I knew several years ago when I weighed 326 pounds, that it was time for a change.


Yeah, don’t judge me because I do enough of that myself and I find myself lacking in the Will Department. I mean if I have it, I think about it, and therefore I eat it. I’ve done the calorie counting thing and found several accessible calorie counteing apps such as My Fitness Pal ( and I’ve just “judged” portions, I’ve even bought items to help me with portions. I gave all of them up eventually, I’ve even kept a diary on Facebook of what I ate, how many calories, and people seemed to enjoy reading them.


The problem then came to actually exercising, and I’ve been a member of a gym, I’ve worked out with others, but there was never any real consistency with the workouts after a certain time. It isn’t that I didn’t want to go, but when you rely on people to carry you there, you must go on their schedule and when they want to go. I think this really messed with my loss, my exercising, and here recently I just canceled my gym membership. Well, I have  3 pieces of cardio equipment here and I do eventually want to get at least one more piece, which is either going to be an elliptical or a rowing machine.


I also use another app as part of my exercise routine, which is the Zombies, Run! App. ZR is a very accessible app for those with vision problems, as it is accessible to those that use a screenreader such as Voice Over on IOS. The only complaint with ZR, is that the story is getting WAY OUT THERE, and really ridiculous, but I do like and enjoy the previous seasons. I just think they are trying to do too much and should separate the 2 different types of exercise apps, instead of on one single app as I’m not interested in the Marvel stuff at all and only a few of the “adventures” are even remotely interesting to listen to. I like that it tracks steps, calories burnt, and distance, but I’ve got a smart watch now that will do it as well; but the previous seasons are so much fun, like seasons 1 through 8-ish. I’m going to keep it though, because it is a lot of fun. I find myself watching TV episodes, movies, or listening to an audio book while I exercise now, because I need to take my mind off me exercising, which these all do.


I’ve done good when you think that I’ve gone from 326 pounds to 291 pounds, but I had lost down to 251 pounds, with my target weight first goal being 250; this was over 7 years ago. The fact that I was so close and didn’t make it, really upsets me and now with my Blood Pressure being an issue, along with other problems like joints hurting, I need to get this weight off. I need to do this to be healthy, I need to do this in order to possibly live longer, but I need to do this in order to live healthier. I’m now on Weight Watchers and I really like it, not the cost so much, but it is an incentive for me to continue; because I don’t want to waste money, lol. So if you are wanting to lose weight, if you want to track your health, then please do check out the apps listed at the bottom, along with their websites; because they are accessible to screenreader users and I believe visually appealing as well. So let’s go and take this first step on the journey and see where it takes me, and hopefully you as well. Be sure to subscribe to follow the progress.


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