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Untold: Johnny Football Football

Dear Freekz!

Untold: Johnny Football


Rating: 5/10 Beans

As far as biographies or documentaries go, I've seen better and I've been interested in more, but this was good. I remember the hype that was about "Johnny Football" and it was interesting to watch this on Netflix and learn a few things. I agree with Johnny, that the NCAA should not be allowed to make money off the Student Athletes, but I'm also not sure how they would address it. As far as I know, the NCAA has addressed this issue, but likely not. For instance if they sell a Johnny Manzel #2 jersey, he gets a percentage of it, but that is just a random and uneducated thought.

The documentary was extremely well done though, with the Audio Description being good when needed in one of these. As a blind person, I don't think a good documentary needs much, if any, Audio Description. Here you learn some about Johnny, but I feel that it was mostly him whining and complaining. Granted I don't know or understand his mental state, which could be the cause, it just seems to me that he wants to blame others, instead of himself. A good documentary for football fans, but if you are not one; then I'd pass this one on by.


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