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Title: Kaiju: Battlefield Surgeon

Title: Kaiju: Battlefield Surgeon – A Dark  Gritty Epic Horror Thriller That Leaves You A stonished and Wowed

By Richard


Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey packed with larger-than-life Kaijus, heart-pounding suspense, and thought-provoking themes. When you are finished tossing all of that into a bowl, mix it up with grit, anxiety, gritty action, and a dash of psychological stuffs.

In the dark LitRPG thriller "Kaiju: Battlefield Surgeon," Author Matt Dinniman delivers a visually riveting experience that will leave readers both entertained and contemplative. From its gripping plot to its intrigue, and pull it off with his usual flawless execution.  Surely

this narrative masterpiece is set to leave an indelible mark on the LITRPG genre.


Plot, Themes, and Tone:

"Kaiju: Battlefield Surgeon" introduces us to a world where Kaiju, colossal creatures are protecting the world but are infected, thus they must have the “players” to heal them. The story masterfully combines elements of classic Sci Fi type monster movies with the medical aspect, mixing it beautifully with the LITRPG genre. Mr. Dinniman has you exploring human empathy, ethical dilemmas, and the consequences of our actions. It poses questions about the nature of humanity, forging a deep emotional connection that resonates throughout the novel. The tone juxtaposes intense action with intimate character moments, resulting in a rollercoaster of emotions that will keep readers engrossed from start to finish.



K:BS is the first audio book that I’ve listened to by Mr. Hempel. The narrator, Joe Hempel,  delivers a standout performance, breathing life into deeply flawed yet relatable characters. Each character’s portrayal feels authentic and genuine, capturing the complexity of their personalities and flaws. Surrounded by towering monsters and an overwhelming sense of urgency, the performances ground the book, ensuring that even in the grandest of scenes, these characters remain the heart and soul of the story.



Matt Dinniman's writing expertly navigates the balance between visualization of scenes, empathy,  and human drama. The way he frames each scene, juxtaposing the awe-inspiring Kaiju against the demons, and combining it with the vulnerability of the characters, accentuates the entire book's core emotions expertly. For me, I listen to appropriate music when listening to an audio book (when it is not provided with the audio book) but I did not need that this time; I could hear grunge metal, Death Metal, and other such types of instrumental music in my head.

From the smallest side-plots, side quests, intrigues, epic battles and the delicate moments of introspection. Together, Matt creates a imaginary visually stunning experience, leaving the reader immersed in this breathtaking world.


Pace, Dialog, and Editing:

The book's pace is a marvel in itself, striking a perfect balance by allowing intense action sequences to be punctuated with quieter moments of reflection. The dialog effectively conveys the characters' motivations and emotions, propelling the narrative forward while offering glimpses into their inner struggles. Dinniman's skillful writing ensures that no word or moment feels wasted, making "Kaiju: Battlefield Surgeon" a gripping adventure without a single dull beat or metal guitar riff.


Emotional Resonance:

"Kaiju: Battlefield Surgeon" resonates on a deeply emotional level, inviting readers/listeners to reflect on the complexities of compassion, redemption, and forgiveness. It explores the limits of our empathy, challenging us to confront our own fears, biases, and the consequences of our choices. Through the eyes of its main character, Duke and to an extent Clara, we witness the fragility and resilience of the human spirit, leaving us profoundly moved and contemplative.


In Conclusion:

"Kaiju: Battlefield Surgeon" transcends the boundaries of its genre, delivering a remarkable cinematic-isk experience that simultaneously thrills and tugs at your heartstrings. Matt Dinniman's narrative direction, combined with the outstanding narrator performance, breathtaking scenes, and a thought-provoking plot, ensures this book will be one that you will read and read again.

If you find yourself yearning for more, check out his Dungeon Crawler Carl LITRPG series, you will not be disappointed. Now for me to save up credits and get Mr. Dinniman’s other works to read and review!

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