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This Needs to Stop!

This is the opinion of Redneck Richard and are not necessarily those of Blind Knowledge or other representatives of The Unseeing Critics.

Title: Revealing the Illusion: The Complex World of Transability

Question: Why would anyone feel this way?

In the vast expanse of human experience, there are aspects of identity that continuously challenge societal norms. While I acknowledge the diversity of identities, there exists a concept that pushes my understanding even further: transability. In this blog post, we will explore the intricacies and controversies surrounding this phenomenon, diving deep into the world where individuals identify as transabled.

In a realm where body integrity is perceived differently, lies the unique journey of transability. This concept challenges the conventional understanding of the body as a vessel for existence. Delve into the story of Ella, a ballet dancer who, despite having perfectly healthy legs, yearns to amputate them. Through her life's struggles and self-discovery, we explore the depths of her psyche and the perplexing nature of transability. Why would anyone, who is perfectly physically healthy, although their mental state is definitely in question, WANT to do this?

Check this out... join us on a pilgrimage through the secret societies and online forums where transabled individuals seek solace, eager to connect with like-minded souls. On this emotional rollercoaster, we encounter Isabelle, a writer who is tormented by the belief that she was meant to be blind. As we navigate her journey, we witness the complexities of emotional challenges and the longing for acceptance in an unforgiving society. I have to ask, why just not wear a blindfold? Why don't people just pretend to be blind, pretend to be an amputee, pretend to be this or that? This mental condition truly offends me beyond anything that I can say; I am disabled from a car wreck. I identify as a sighted person.... it isn't working. Let me put eyeballs in my eye sockets that could see... oh wait, that won't work either. Can't you people realize how offensive this is, how truly idiotic this is? If you have it, you can lose it, but if you've lost it... you can't get it back. What happens if 4 years down the road you identify as someone that can see? Guess what Dr. Retard, it don't work that way.

Enter the mystical realm where the boundaries between the physical and metaphysical blur. Here , we encounter Sam, a transabled individual who believes their body is a hindrance to their true identity—an ethereal being trapped within human confines. As Sam embarks on a transformative quest, we explore the themes of self-discovery, acceptance, and the blurred lines between reality and perception. Some people identify as pets, as cats, as dogs, as aliens, if only they would identify as someone with intelligence. It may be time for the people of this country to start using the brains they were given at birth, instead of living in their "feelings" and maming their body.

As transability comes into public awareness, we face the inevitable clash between conventional thought and this uncharted territory. Doctors, ethicists, psychologists, and activists come together in a heated debate surrounding the subjectivity of identity and the limits of personal freedom. Join the conversation as we navigate the blurry terrain of moral dilemmas and societal acceptance. Doctors are to help people, maming their bodies is not helping, but is instead harming. Maybe instead of physically changing their appearence, they should talk to some doctors that can help them through their obvious mental instability. These people need help, they don't need surgery to maim their body, they need to have their mental stability fixed.

Here, we witness the convergence of the characters' journeys, leading to unexpected climaxes and profound revelations. As readers, we are challenged to put aside preconceived notions and embrace the complexity of human existence. Through the eyes of Ella, Isabelle, and Sam, we are told to learn the power of empathy, understanding, and the extraordinary diversity of human identity. I don't pretend to understand to understand them, in fact the opposite is true and they need help, they need a lot of help. I, however, do feel sorry for them, that they are that mentally disturbed. I have sympathy that they "feel" that they need to do this, instead of realizing they are doing something to their body that is permanent. Just as you only get 1 life, you only get 1 body on this Earth.

Transability challenges the boundaries of understanding, pushing us to question what it means to be human. Within the engaging and thought-provoking narratives of Ella, Isabelle, and Sam, we are invited to explore our own perspectives, biases, and limitations. Through the power of fiction, we can elicit empathy and expand our understanding of the vast spectrum of human experiences. Transability is a controversial subject, but within its complexity lies the potential for us to grow as a society that celebrates diversity.

What it boils down to is that the people need help, there is no understanding their mental status because they are seriously disturbed. In the past these people would have been given the help they obviously need, instead of giving into every whim that comes around. People, once you maim your body, you cannot unmaim it. You aren't special because you "feel" that you should be disabled. You won't be famous because you maim yourself, instead you will be considered a very offensive peson to the majority of people whom are truly disabled. Stop it already!


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