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The Sneaky Snake of Alabama

Alabama Snake



Rating 4/7 Beans


Alabama Snake (2020) - IMDb

This is the story of a Pentecostal Preacher, Glenn Summerford who in Scotsboro Alabama, committed a crime against his wife. The crime took place October 4, 1991, and is conveyed in chapters. Each of the “chapters” is a different time, with some differing people, and so many thick accents that I felt like an educated professor of language from Oxford.

On a serious note, this was a very intriguing documentary exploring this crime, a bit of the snake handling phenomenon, which this Jesus loving Baptist will never do. They have their reasons for “testing their faith” or showing “God protects them” and that is them, it goes against my beliefs, so I don’t. However, this is not a religious debate, but a blog entry about “Alabama Snake”, which you should most definitely watch. I think originally it came on HBO, but I was able to watch it with Audio Description, through the Blind Mice. It was not dry and monotone at all, but each of them had character, and that accent, remember? One thing that I did not really like about it was some of the AD was done while people were talking, giving their testimony, their point of view, or just conversating. I can’t really be sure what they were actually doing, due to the AD talking over it, causing myself to be extremely distracted. If you can find it, watch it.

Brought to you by a podcast where 2 Blind Brother Friends give their criticisms, from their blind perspective.

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