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The Dragon Kingdom (movie review)

Movie Review: Dragon Kingdom

By: The Ragin’ Redneck Richard




Rating: 2 stars


"The Dragon Kingdom" is a stunning visual spectacle that takes audiences on a whimsical journey through a mystical realm. However, despite its captivating visuals and potential for greatness, the film falls short in several key areas, leaving the viewer somewhat underwhelmed. It is likely very visually stunning, to those with sight, but for someone with a visual impairment, the movie is not as good as it could be.


The plot of "The Dragon Kingdom" revolves around a group of unlikely heroes on a quest to save their kingdom from impending doom. While the concept is intriguing and promises a thrilling adventure, the execution feels rushed and lacks originality. The storyline is predictable, following a familiar structure of fantasy quests, and fails to offer any unexpected twists or turns that have not been a dozen times before. I know what a dragon looks like, but I would still enjoy descriptions of scenes, the Dark Kingdom, as well as the monsters and others.


The themes and tone of the movie are classic in nature, exploring the power of friendship, loyalty, and bravery in the face of adversity. Yet, the film does little to delve deeper into these themes, feeling superficial and uninspired. The relationships are “just there” and not a lot of exploring. It misses an opportunity to truly resonate with the audience by not delving into the characters' emotions and motivations; other than extremely superficially, of course.


Speaking of characters, the performances in "The Dragon Kingdom" are a mixed bag. While some portrayals showcase moments of brilliance, others fall flat, lacking depth and nuance. Some characters seem to have “phoned in” their performances, while others seemingly give it their best attempt. The characters themselves are not fully developed, preventing the audience from forming a strong emotional connection with them, I’m not sure if this is the script, actors, or the director’s fault, perhaps all of the above? With stronger character development and more compelling performances, the film could have been considerably more impactful and enjoyable; especially with the Audio Description element added.


The direction of the movie is serviceable, but lacks innovation. The pacing is uneven at times, with certain scenes feeling rushed, while others drag on unnecessarily. This inconsistency hampers the film's ability to maintain a strong sense of momentum. I harp on this because it really made the movie and certain times during the movie, forced. Furthermore, the editing could have been tighter, as some transitions between scenes feel jarring and disjointed. I was not even sure when the movie ended, as I received no real sense of closure or finality to the movie.


Unfortunately, the film as a whole, does not  live up to the standard, in fact it is not even close to a standard. While some scenes are not so visually confusing, there are instances where the film feels noticeably artificial, breaking the immersion and reminding the viewer that they are watching a film, instead of being right alongside the characters. With more consistent dialogues, as well as some character building, the film could have truly dazzled… instead of dudding.


In conclusion, "The Dragon Kingdom" is likely a visually enchanting film that falls short in its execution for those with sight issues. From my blind perspective though it offers moments of wonder and awe, it lacks originality and emotional depth. With more attention to character development, tighter editing, and consistency in acting, screen writing, and plot, the movie could have delivered a more impactful and memorable experience. While it may entertain some, as I was entertained (even though disappointed) audiences with its magical settings,  viewers with vision issues may find themselves wanting more substance from this fantasy adventure.

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