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The Black Girl and Her Monster 2023

#36 The Black Girl and Her Monster 2023

By: Richard

Rating: 3/10 Beans

Having self-imposed myself with watching 100 Horror movies from September 1 through October 31, 2023 as it would go along with the “Scary Cup,” which The Unseeing Critics are doing. Originally I was going to watch a list of the top 100 Horror movies, but many of them were not streaming on my services, so I just began any Horror movie. Now that I’ve prefaced this review with that statement, let me get to the actual review.

The name is catchy, which is why I stopped on it on Itunes, rentable for $0.99, what a bargain. There was some reservations on my end with the movie’s title, because I don’t like the color of a person’s skin to be the focus of anything; still I rented the movie. Honestly, with it being from 2023 I was expecting Audio Description, it did not, I rented anyways. The plot is this extremely intelligent girl’s family lose her brother Chris, from what I think was a drug deal gone wrong? This is one of the times when Audio Description would come in handy, but either way her brother Chris is dead. Viv, I can’t remember her name (I’m terrible with names), believes death to be a disease, which can be cured.

She is successful in somehow bringing her brother back to life, again Audio Description would’ve been helpful, but the point is that Chris is back. Not exactly though, something ain’t right and I have no idea where he goes(Audio Description). The acting was extremely good, except for the “Monster Chris”, which the voice was four different kinds of cheese. I also did not like how the family, or at least Chris’ Baby Mama and some others brought race in to the movie; I just don’t like when things are done like that, no matter which side does it. I don’t like when politics are strongly opinionated in movies, books, or TV shows that I like; leave all that stuff at the door and let the movie entertain me. The movie plot and idea behind it all, as well as the acting gives this movie a much higher rating, but when I’m not sure of some things that are vital, it really lowers it.

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