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So Horrible, Its Good

#40 Rise of the Scarecrows

Rating: 7/10 Beans


It is indeed rare when something is so horrible, that it is good. Every once in a while there is a song so bad, yet it is super catchy. We've all seen that ugly sweater, that we think is pretty awesome, that ugly puppy that is just so cute; that is what this movie is. Released in 2009, it is almost like it was recorded and released the very next hour. Instead of this taking from the movie, it is most definitely the charm behind it. The echo is in shots, where it doesn't make sense, there is a humm in nearly every scene, there are flubbed lines, and have I even mentioned the horrible acting? Some of the acting is just horrible, some scenes it seems like they reshot it, then just copy and replaced it in the movie. The acting is over-the-top on insome spots, also with some actions, and all of this makes me just fall in love with this movie. I couldn't stop laughing, because it was just so horrible and funny, unfortunately I can't find it anywhere to buy digitally.

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