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MLB and their Stupid Wild Card

All I am going to say is that I absolutely hate the way MLB does the Wild Card and I have even since they did the 1 game elimination. I believe there should be the Division winners and 1 Wild Card spot; if you ain't good enough for one of these 4 options... "Better luck next year."

Look at this, 3 of the 4 teams playing for the World Series is Wild Card winners, so what is even the point of winning a division?

Orioles, 100+ winning season... swept

2. Dodgers, 100+ wins... swept

3. Braves 100+ winning season, eliminated 3-1.

3 of the best MLB teams given roughly a week off... never recovered from it. Congratulations to the teams still in it. As for the Braves and Orioles... suck enough to win the Wild Card next year, so that you'll have a chance in the playoffs. Winning the Division is death to your chances to make it to the World Series.

Am I bitter about the Braves not making it, not really, I would have liked to see them go further, but they didn't... no need in being upset about it. Simply go next year and just win the Wild Card spot, then go on to the World Series... 'chop on then.

MLB needs to go back to the original 3 Divsion winners and 1 Wild Card; this crap is pathetic. I understand why they do it, money of course, but it is still re-freaking-tarded. Oh I'm not supposed to say that any longer in this "Political Correct and Woke" culture... So let me rephrase that statement.

The way MLB handles the playoffs and Wild Card is


Not arguing with anyone, not going to do any of that back and forth, this is my thoughts, and beliefs. I know there are exceptions but when an offense as relentless as the Braves can't get it back going.... yeah.... RE-FREAKING-TARDED!

MLB... change this!

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