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Invasion of Apple Plus



Apple Plus

Rating: 6 out of 10 Beans


Have you ever read a book, I'm thinking about Paul Tremblay, at least "Cabin At The End Of The World", and been left with a "Huh?" moment? That is what this TV series did for me, I like how it involved aliens, alien technology, the apocalyptic feel, and the extreme slow burn. Often times I prefer to get right into the action, much like "Twisted Metal" did, but this slow burn was nice, really nice. The Audio Description was a bit off, good but off, as it annoys me to hear about what is going to happen, before it happens. Yes, it ruins the "shock" factor and I'd rather hear about it after the fact, but alas I must be thankful for the attempt to describe what is going on.

Speaking of that, I think that may be the only single 4 Non Blondes released, "Whats Going On", but I'm not good at names or titles, so that may not be the actual name. Yup, each of you from the 90s are now either looking the song up or singing it to yourself in your head, don't be ashamed. Alright, Stop, Collaborate and listen, see how quickly I manipulated your inner karaoke session? Don't worry, your adoring audience will return, we must get back to Invasion.

The episodes did flow fairly smooth, and it was good enough for me to bing all but the first 2 episodes, which I watched the day before. It didn't have me eagerly awaiting the next episode, which "Twisted Metal" did do. However, I wan invested and interested enough that I kept watching it. The ending though has me confused, a normal state of mind for me, and curious as to if I'll watch Season 2, which comes out August 23, 2023. I probably will do so, but I will not read another Paul Tremblay novel, just not my thing. But...

give "Invasion" a shot if you like:


slow burn storyline


decent love story



survival and more

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