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Hans Crippleton: Talk to the Hans

#70. Hans Crippleton: Talk to the Hans 2014


Rating: 2

Do not let the fact that I rate this a 2 discourage you from watching this movie. Fans of "Blood on the Highway" should love the ridiculousness that is this movie. It is so ridiculous that it is funny, I almost want to watch it again. Hans is the "head" of this family, the provider, and he lives with his incestial family, The Crippletons, who are self sufficient. They are overly "hillbillified", but in that lays the charm for me. Overly done stupid ness, like them not understanding a word's meaning, making their own "hooch", I absolutely love it. For me, the rating would be higher, and even higher if I could know what was going on, but it isn't necessary for me. The only thing I really am curious about, is every thing else about this movie such as scenes, the zombies, etc as cheesy as the dialogue? This movie, to warn you that are part of the Political Correctness Police, this movie is most definitely not for you.

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