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Ghost Team 1

Ghost Team 1

IMDB: 8/10 Beans


As of this blog's posting, the movie is on Paramount Plus, which is included in your Wal-mart Plus subscription. Ghost Team 1 is likely the best movie, that you've never heard of. Zany, corny, hilarious from nearly the beginning of the movie, it is hard to go wrong with it. The movie is based around some people who are just basically stoners, but they keep saying that they are "doing stuff", but are just slackers. Then this thing happens with a ghost, they know this person, Fernanda, who is into the ghosts gig. Shananagans insue and be forewarned, this movie is cheesy, stupid, and is more like male humor than anything else. Excellent way for me to watch, leading into my last movie of the 100 Spooky Seasoning movie self-challenge.

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