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Cocaine Bear

5 out of 10 Beans

Dear Freekz,

Cocaine Bear


5 out of 10 Beans


Cocaine Bear (2023) - IMDb

I was not big on this movie to begin with, meaning when it was first introduced as I thought it would be really and extremely stupid. The more and more I heard about it caused my desire to watch grow. Looking at Itunes when it was on sale for $9.99 really drove my desire, then I found it streaming on Peacock, so I figured it was time. Popcorn popped, Coke 0 in the cup holder, recliner legs out, and I was ready. I kicked back and hit play, the movie started and I was blown away, because how could I forget that I should use the bathroom before hand; don’t you just hate when people that get up in the middle of a movie or leave their phones off silent mode? After adjusting these two problem areas, I settled down to watch the movie and give my honest opinion.

I’m thankful for the audio description here, as with most movies, because I feel myself would’ve been somewhat lost in certain, but not all, areas of the movie. Some funny dialogue, some serious scenes, and a time where I was crying-laughing; though it was more at my imagination than the actual movie. Cocaine Bear was designed, I believe, to be an over-the-top Thriller Comedy, maybe even Horror Comedy, but failed on most of those parts to me. Don’t misunderstand me, the movie is decent, but most definitely nothing to write home about. The idea of a bear high on cocaine should have been both horrifying, thrilling, and hilarious; but the movie didn’t really bring this together well at all. I absolutely laughed at the scene where the bear was headbutting a tree, and the scenes with the drug dealer guy (I’m horrible with names), and the inept Rangers. Cocaine Bear shoulda been better, coulda been better, but was mediocre at best. During the watching I at one time said that if it goes on sale for $10 again, that I would buy it, then at other points I’d say, “why would anyone want to buy this?” Further reflection leads me to the point, it is a stretch to possibly even buy it at $5, but if it drops to $3.99….

Take care you Freekz and until next time,

Redneck Richard

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