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Rating: 7 Beans


I honestly don't know what to think, more especially what to say, because this was so much better than I expected. Originally I heard about this movie as I read Mox, the bio which was actually read by Mox; the person that plays Randy Stone. There has been the boxer vs the wrestler "fights" happening for a long time, but most are actually put-ons, meaning just for show. UFC originally started off like this, if I remember correctly, with different styles facing off against different styles; meaning a wrestler could face a boxer. Please don't quote me on that, but I think that is right. The whole premis is that the Champion, Reiss has defeated everyone in his division over the past 5 years(I think that is the time frame I heard), but that those involved want to cash in on that and the popularity of Stone, the Wrestling Champion of the world. Reiss thinks this will be a quick and easy pay day, so they agree and prepare to fight. I was surprised at how good this movie was, it grabbed your heart with Reiss, the struggles he has on/off the fight scene, and it really brought in the underdog story in a beautifully cinematic way. Fans of Mox, MMA, and action movies will love this, it is a fantastic underdog story as well.

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