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One Horrible Accident Can Lead To Amazing Things and Help Thousands Ft/ @healaura

One Horrible Accident Can Lead To Amazing Things and Help Thousands Ft/ @healaura

Welcome back listeners to another amazing episode with two truly amazing people that it was an honor to talk to. Orit & Amir Cooper are a married couple who have gone through an amazing life and are helping the world change. Amir’s story is truly awe-inspiring. Once a humble landscaper, he embarked on a profound personal evolution, unlocking the powers of a master channeler. His extraordinary ability to connect individuals with their deepest life purposes ignited a passion within him and all the rest around him. With unwavering determination, he tirelessly sought to provide others with the tools needed to navigate their labyrinth of life, sharing with them messages, insights and guidance to heal, succeed and flourish. It all began 25 years ago, following a life-altering car accident. From that moment on, Amir’s spiritual channeling journey commenced, and did not stop. Alongside with his devoted wife, Orit, whose academic studies and experience in psychology, social work and spiritual methods enrich their endeavors, they solidified the groundwork for working with people on their true essence of life purpose and harnessing the transformative energy of their Aura. Healaura Academy Website: Uncensored, Untamed & Unapologetic U^3 Podcast Collective: Tiktok: YouTube:
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