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Blind Knowledge produces, promotes, and  presents entertaining and informative digital content through Podcasts, Videos, Gaming, Live Streaming, and Social Media Content Creation.


Our goal is to provide truthful, real-world information through entertaining mediums.  We present our audience with multiple perspectives, information backed by research, and/or first-person experience to allow for our audience to form their own educated opinions.


The phrase “Blind Knowledge” can be defined as “Unknown Information.”  Our mission is to entertain while also illuminating Blind Knowledge to share with as many people as possible.  We believe that information should be truthful, free, and accessible by anyone and everyone at any time anywhere. We may agree and we may disagree. However, this platform serves as a safe place to engage in discussions no matter how sensitive they may be.  


We are more than just a company:  Blind Knowledge is a community!  Each member of Blind Knowledge is actively involved with the betterment of others. We trade skills and services to enhance our capabilities, our quality, and the brand.  By offering our strongest skills to one another, we expand on our strengths while strengthening our weaknesses. By working together, we capitalize on obtaining a larger audience reach.


Blind Knowledge offers education and consultation services for the betterment of the community.  We specialize in production sound quality, presentation, structure, auto editing, video editing, distribution, social media, booking guests, cross promoting, finding sponsors, networking, and more!  


Blind Knowledge broadcasts Worldwide.  Our content is currently created in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India, Australia, Japan, and Germany. The best place to find us is right here at  Sign up today to connect, network, and become an integral member of this rapidly growing community. 

Joe Burakoff

Founder of Blind Knowledge


Frequently Asked Questions



So, what is Blind Knowledge all about?

Blind Knowledge is a network, a platform, and a community collective. We specialize in digital media content creation, promotion, and production. We feature podcasts, videos, videocasts, live-stream broadcasts, curated broadcast streams, and social media content creation.  Blind Knowledge is represented globally including shows based in the USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, Australia, India, and the UK!  We work together, network with one another, and cross-promote to establish a larger overall audience reach.  

What is your mission?

The mission of Blind Knowledge is to promote, produce and deliver informative and entertaining content through various digital mediums in hopes of sharing knowledge, understanding, and perspectives by first-hand experience and/or through credible sources.

I heard there is a concept involved with Blind Knowledge content.  What’s that all about?

Blind Knowledge is a concept I developed in 2019. Blind Knowledge is unknown information. It’s information that we don’t know about yet and/or haven’t been accurately presented. 

Why is it called Blind Knowledge?

It is called Blind Knowledge because, regardless of the delivery method, our shows will always illuminate and share obtainable information that can be discovered, shared, & easily understood.

How is Blind Knowledge different from other networks, platforms, & communities?

We work together as a collective to establish a larger potential overall audience reach and to improve each other’s products.  Blind Knowledge content is always two things:  Entertaining & Informative.  Our digital creator community grows together as a collective to establish a larger potential overall audience reach.